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No. of Cartons Price / Carton
(Incl. Shipping)
1 R500.00 R500.00
2 R480.00 R960.00
3 R470.00 R1,410.00
4 R460.00 R1,840.00
5 R450.00 R2,250.00
10 R430.00 R4,300.00
15 R420.00 R6,300.00
20 R415.00 R8,300.00
25 R414.00 R10,350.00
30 R413.00 R12,390.00
35 R412.00 R14,420.00
40 R411.00 R16,440.00
45 R410.00 R18,450.00
50 R405.00 R20,250.00
51+ R400.00